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Webhosting can be a daunting task,we simplify the service for you and ensure reliability,unmatched customer care and convenience.We are always eager to hear from you.

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Our technology is always evolving to incorporate emerging trends and technologies to suite our customers needs

Shared hosting

When you are building,maintaining your website ,use our platforms to fasttrack production.Our platform runs on advanced modern systems with custom turbo-powered web servers. .


We provide a range of tools that allow you,our user to improve your website ranking and improve google indexing

24/7 Support

We provide round the clock support to ensure whatever you need or problems you are having are sorted out in a timely manner

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Our platforms are optimized and carefully engineered to ensured painless setup and intergration.At the touch of a button and you have a website

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Pricing Plans

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  • 30GB
  • 300GB Bandwidth-
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Easy package

  • 50GB
  • Bandwidth:500GB
  • 10 email accounts
  • 5 databases
  • Free SSL certificate

Standard package

  • 20GB
  • Bandwidth:200GB
  • Free SSL certificate
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Silver package

  • 40GB
  • Bandwidth:400GB
  • Free SSL certificate
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Gold package

  • 100GB
  • Bandwidth:Unmetered
  • Free SSL certificate
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DNS Only

  • django scripts
  • Free SSL certificate
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Mail Only

  • 2000 mails
  • 20gb
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Our Services

We have a range of products that can facilitate and promote your business

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting

We run dedicated servers replicated and collocated all over the world to ensure that our data is safe,secure and accessible 24/7.Our plug aand play services allows our customer to ship their solutions rapidly.

Fast Load

Dedicated UNLIMITED ZIMBRA mail server

We build corporate dedicated private server and customize the solution to the needs of our customer,with a keen emphasis on reliability,safety and availability.Test our service to day and get the best solution in the market and floor prices.

Unlimited Email

Hotspot and wireless ISP management system(NETPAP)

We build hotspot management software and ensure you continue making passive income from you wifi/internet service.Using our integrated service,your hotspot makes money for you.Access your money painlessly from our easy to use dashboard
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Event management

User our platform to host your events and they will never be the same again.From one easy to use dashboard,access tickets bought,attendee data,follow their chats,feedback and create a community.Money is always at your finger tips.Its not just a ticketing platform,its a community!
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High Speed Server

Tech support and financial integrations

User our wide range of skills to improve service delivery.Outsource to our company and leverage unique set of skills in financial integrations,mpesa,mastercard,visa,paypal and open source systems,not limited to voip(kamailio,opensips,freeswitch,freepbx,asterisks),cloud computing(hyperV,owncloud,),linux based firewalls and routers(mikrotik,pfsense),backups(bacula) etc

Free Domain Transfer

Shared hosting

Plug and play Shared hosting in DJANGO,flask, and expressJS.Leverage our custom service and painless ship your code into production using our platform(Nodejs,django and flask shared hosting)

Rafikihost is your webhosting of chosing

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Morris mwirigi
Morris Mwirigi

The essaypeople

There customer support is impressive and ability to provide unique custom solutions breathtaking

Shamma Mwenda

Chief executive

There professionalism and wide range of skills allowed us to develop our solutions speedily and now we are in production

Shammah avatar

Chief Executive-Essaydean

I was very impressed by the professionalism.Their customer centric company is all we needed

Kelvin Kilonzo

Joylink Wifi

They are the best partners we would have wished for,there ability to deliver and meet our demands are of great value to us.I couldnt have looked elsewhere

DJ Meecliq

CEO-Meecliq entertainment

They events platform is revolutionizing the way we interract and organize our events.Truly revolutionizing.


Wifi user

Impressive!!Impressive!!Impressive!!On demand internet is truly changing my life and the way I interact and do business online

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